Workshops & Courses

Mosaic has forged a partnership with Tsinghua University, collaborating to establish workshops and courses for school students. The primary objective is to foster entrepreneurial education for professors or Ph.D. students aspiring to spin out from the academic environment and establish startup companies. Mosaic extends its support to these school teams by aiding them in applying for governmental entrepreneurial subsidy programs like FITI (From IP to IPO), assisting in securing funds, facilitating business model and product development pivots, and providing pitch training.

Moreover, Mosaic leverages its extensive expertise in financial modeling, marketing, branding, and corporate governance to educate and empower school teams aspiring to transition into startups. Recognizing the importance of preparation, Mosaic, with its robust international presence, offers an invaluable global perspective and cultural insights to university teams even before they embark on their startup journeys, ensuring they are well-prepared from the outset.

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