Landseed Digital Health Accelerator


Established by Landseed International Medical Group, leverages the Group's years of deep expertise and forward-looking vision in the medical and health sector, aiming to build a platform that promotes innovation in elderly health technology. The core purpose of its establishment is to aggregate Group resources, including advanced technology, innovative business models, professional medical knowledge, and rich industry experience, to support startups and potential technologies in the digital and elderly health fields, accelerating their products from concept to market transformation

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The Landseed Digital Health Accelerator offers unparalleled growth opportunities for startup teams, including professional guidance, access to key resources, and a broad industry network. We are committed to creating an ecosystem that allows startups to thrive in the field of elderly health technology, turning creativity into impactful solutions.

  • Diverse and Open Clinical Trial Venues

  • Long-term Community Tracking of Landseed Next-Generation Big Data

  • Academic/Research Innovation Cooperation Ecosystem

  • And more

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